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An alumnus of the University of California, San Diego, Emily distinguished herself early on by graduating with honors in both business and psychology—a testament to her academic prowess and multidisciplinary approach. Driven by a desire to excel in the dynamic world of real estate, she strategically relocated to Los Angeles, where she aligned with the crème de la crème of luxury real estate: a top-tier agent and a brokerage renowned on a global scale.
Her professional ethos is characterized by an inventive approach to problem-solving and an unwavering commitment to excellence, traits that seamlessly merge with her fervent interest in architecture and property development. Her profound insights into both the nuanced local real estate landscape and the broader global market dynamics have established her as a paragon in the industry, singularly focused on tailoring her services to the distinct needs of each client.
Emerging as one of Los Angeles' most prominent young real estate agents, Emily has cultivated an impressive clientele, comprising high net-worth individuals, astute developers, and savvy investors. Her remarkable journey in the competitive westside market is marked by a series of record-breaking transactions, unequivocally demonstrating her ability to not just meet but exceed her client's aspirations with unparalleled finesse.


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