Kaylee Ricciardi


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A Boston native who attended the University of Colorado and studied Neuroscience. After graduation, she became a proud resident of Los Angeles. She has traveled extensively, lived in Spain for a period of time, and had a successful career in fashion modeling. With over five years of experience in the luxury vacation market, she’s made a name for herself. Her extensive knowledge and experience abroad bring a flair for unique approaches to selling and buying for all of her clients.
Kaylee has organized events/activations and worked with some of the top fashion designers, recording artists, and athletes in the world. She is known in the art world for her work and has a background in art/design. With these skills, she loves helping clients sketch out plans for properties. With her attention to detail, hands-on approach, and snack for bringing people together, allows her to thrive in business development wherever she goes. She has partnered with AKG, the nation’s top luxury team to combine strengths and excel.


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