The Future of Luxury
is Digital

Estate Dynamics is a tech stack that focuses on artificial intelligence based on our cloud based data sets which concentrate on behavioral targeting during the home buying process. We built our technology to match the curated home to the right buyer, as well as represent the best characteristics of a seller's home to the global luxury marketplace.

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The Evolution of Real Estate

Introducing Estate Dynamics! We can no longer sell homes like we have for the past few decades- nor should we in such a tech driven, modern world. Estate dynamics elevates the playing field for selling your home or finding you the best home for your money. This is the higher standard that Estate Dynamics brings to our industry and our clients.

First In-Class

Our platform was built as an in-house SDK leading to data and resources that are exclusive to our clients, only.

Geographic Analytics

Our platform funnels from targeting on a global client facing interface, down to domestic and hyper-local markets.

Artificial Intelligence

Our software utilizes a cloud-based Artificial Intelligence that takes an omnichannel approach to targeting the behavior of potential clients looking to buy a home.

Proprietary Global Database

The most unique feature of E.D is that we’ve built a proprietary database of clients across the globe that look exclusively to us for their housing needs.

120 Data Points

We’ve developed E.D to match with over 120 APIs across a multilayered data pool allowing for the most accurate purchase and selling process for our clients.

Behavior Targeting

It’s not enough to target just buying or selling behavior for clients, that’s why E.D programmatically targets buyer behavior based on our 120 data point parameters.


The Best of Things Come in 3’s

AKG Trident Marketing

Each property that CIRE Southern California represents from the buyer or seller’s perspective is put into a tried and true process we have dubbed AKG Trident Marketing, where we focus on three key pillars of two branches in marketing.




The team has set its sights high for the future, looking to become the first billion dollar producing team per year in California. It has been an exciting few months for the Aaron Kirman Group, who has just recently finished starring in a new show for CNBC called Listing Impossible which is slated to air this fall, as well as the opening and expansion of their new office in the heart of Beverly Hills. There is no telling what is next for this powerhouse team of talented individuals.


Luxury real estate means going above and beyond the client’s expectations. Whatever luxury means to you, we are here to help you seek it. Experience luxury with us.